About Us

Who is SpringEnvi Marketing?

Our approach to digital marketing is based on a comprehensive strategy, continued learning & teamwork

SpringEnvi Marketing is a small, family-owned digital marketing company based in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We pride ourselves on working closely with all of our clients and becoming a part of their team, or in most cases, part of their family. Our team seeks out the newest strategies and delivers them to our clients and tailors strategies to best fit their brands and needs.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your social media strategy, increase your online sales or build your digital presence from scratch, we’re here to help you exceed your goals.

Our Awesome Founder

Lauren Springer

Lauren Springer

Founder & Consultant

Lauren is our founder and fearless leader. She has over five years of experience working in digital marketing as a strategist and manager. Early in 2019, she decided to start her own digital marketing business to offer a more comprehensive and nimble service to entrepreneurs, small businesses and e-commerce companies. 

Lauren loves spending time with her family, working out at the local Crossfit gym, traveling, cooking and gardening. She loves being able to flex her creative muscle and collaborate with her partners and other business owners. 

Our Values

Our values are as important to us as our clients and projects. We strive to live up to these values in everything that we do.

Continuous Learning

We are passionate for learning new marketing techniques and strategies. Not all of them will work for every client, but we’re committed to learning innovative ways to reach your audience and trying them out!


Not only to we work as a team here at SpringEnvi, but we are committed to working with each and every one of our clients as a team. We aren’t the type of digital marketing company that tells our clients what to do. We see each client as a collaborative relationship that we work with to reach mutual goals. 


You can count on us to always be real with you. We stand by the work we do and we always make sure that expectations are based in reality. If we don’t think a strategy is right for you, we’ll let you know and suggest something else that will more align with your goals.

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