Social Media Management


Getting noticed on social media can be a daunting task as a business owner. It takes time, testing, and analysis to get the engagement you want to see. We’re here to help you do social media right.

Show the world your brand and personality.

Your social media platforms give potential and returning customers insight into your business, your personality and everything that goes into making your brand a success. Effective social media management takes time, commitment and creativity. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to come across an abundance of those things when you’re a business owner.

We get it! Our team will meet with you to understand your brand and create a comprehensive content strategy designed to maximize engagement and brand awareness on the social media platforms that are best for your audience. Your story becomes our story, and we can’t wait to tell it!

Social media allows us to engage with your customers everyday, so make the conversation count. We create engaging content that will get your brand noticed! 

Keeping up with your social media platforms can be tough. We’re here to help.

Brand Strategy

We get to know you and your brand before anything else is done.

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Social media management is an extension of your business online. It shows your brand’s personality and team, it’s a tool that highlights your events and specials and it is a way to have a two-way conversation with your customers. It can be tough as a business owner to hand over the posting reins over to someone else. 

 That’s why we take extra care to get to know you and your brand before posting takes place. If you are near the Philadelphia, PA area, we will meet at your business and embed ourselves with your team so we can understand what makes you unique and stand out against your competition. If you aren’t local, we will go through the discovery phase via phone, email or video conference to make sure everyone is on the same page and we are an extension of your team.


Content Creation

We create the engaging content for each platform.

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Engaging content doesn’t just happen, it’s thought out and planned in advance. We will create a content strategy with the right media mix (photos, videos, and links) that will have your audience standing up and taking notice to you and your brand. With increased engagement and visibility, your business will have a solid base to build an even more robust marketing strategy.

Platform Setup & Optimization

Are you on the right platforms and is everything set up correctly?

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Once we complete the discovery phase, we’ll move on to setting up, updating and optimizing your social media platforms. We’ll make sure your brand is on the most effective platforms and that all listed information is accurate. Once everything is set up and optimized, we will start posting content.

Community Management

Not only do we post to platforms, but we respond to comments, questions and messages.

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It’s not enough to just post on Facebook and Instagram and then leave it alone. You have to cultivate conversations and foster community on your social media platforms. We take the time to answer questions from your customers and ask questions to keep the conversation going. This shows your audience that your brand cares and you’re not just there to promote yourself. 

Reporting & Analysis

How do we know what’s working, and what’s not, so we can stay on track.

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When do we post? What type of content do we use and how often? What gets the most engagement? We will get those answers from monthly reports and analysis. 

Based on the data we accumulate, we’ll adjust the content strategy to ensure you get the best engagement possible. 

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